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With Dofollo, you get the ultimate bird’s-eye view of all your internal links, so you can plan and execute a genius internal linking strategy to boost those important pages on your website! 

No more tangled link webs or confusing navigation paths – Dofollo’s got your back! It’s like having a superhero sidekick that helps you optimize your website’s SEO and take your rankings to new heights.


Internal links are SEO Superheros.

They connect and guide your web pages, and boost visibility, authority, and engagement. They're the secret sauce that helps your content shine and climb the SEO ladder. Discover their power with!


How does help with the internal linking strategy? is a SEO tool that helps you figure out your website’s internal link structure. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of your links and helps you plan a  internal linking strategy to boost the pages you care about most.

Is suitable for all types of websites?

Yes, lets you snoop on your competitors’ internal link structure too. You can learn how they’re organizing their links and use that knowledge to find new linking opportunities and stay one step ahead of the game.


Can I also use for competitor analysis? lets you spy on your website’s internal links find ways to improve them and create a winning linking strategy. It shows you how your pages connect, how to fix orphaned pages, and gives you suggestions to optimize your internal links for SEO success


Plan Your Internal Links.

Plan your internal link strategy with's birds eye view for internal.

Improve Your Rankings

Improve your SEO with the power of internal links to get higher ranking for your keywords.

Spend Less On SEO

Internal links dont cost any money. reach your websites full potential with internal links.

Analyse Competitor

See how your competitors or SEO experts are using internal links on their websites & implement.

Monitoring Your External Links

Regularly utilize online tools for checking broken links or validating links on your website. These tools scan your site and identify any URLs that are broken or inactive.

Impact Website Performance

The impact of these links depends on factors like quality, relevance, and context. Thus, managing both types of links efficiently is essential for achieving the best outcomes for your website.

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